Scaling Agility – Collaborative Scheduling

I spent today at the first day of a two-day course at DevJam titled Scaling Agility.  The main focus of today was working within teams and we started to get into working across teams in the last hour.

One of the exercises I could see using made scheduling tactile.  The prerequisites are a set of prioritized and sized backlog items (e.g. stories).  You also need to know the capacity of a time box.

Each backlog item is listed on a card that corresponds to its size.  These cards are then placed into time boxes.  The cards can’t overlap and no more cards can be placed in the box than there is capacity.

Another key aspect of this exercise is that it needs to be done collaboratively with a group of people who can represent the feasibility, value, and usability of each backlog item.

You can see an example we worked on in class below.  There is one large item, one medium item, and two small items in the first time box (left side of the left piece of paper).

Collaborative scheduling example.
Collaborative scheduling example.

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